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October 2014

Christmas At The Celtic Manor!! We Hope You Can Make It!

The team at Concept2O would like to organise a Christmas event for the Celtic Manor. Please contact Julie to see if spaces are available to book!


September 2014

A Big Congrats To Rebecca On Her 30th Birthday!! The Team Got Dressed Up To The Nines And Went To Celebrate With Her In The Celtic Manor, Before Barack Obama Makes His Way To There For The Nato Conferences!!


August 2014

Project X Takes A New Turn!

The testing period for the new product has begun and Concept2O are working out how the new idea will work out in the real world. So our first staff member is using the product today, designed to make your life, your staff members life and your customers lives easier and much more productive! Keep your eyes peeled for this one!


July 2014

Concept2o Hires A New Operator To Look After Their New Window Cleaning Work!!

Its been an exceptional year so far! Work is increasing on both sides of the business and we are happy to say that we hired a new team member to help us out with the extra workload!


June 2014

New Marketing Ideas For Window Cleaning Businesses Are Proving To Be A Real Success!

Since forming a new side of the business solely intended to test out new marketing ideas and bring the successful ideas to franchisees, brochures and canvassing results have really improved. We are looking to update our manuals with this vital information and keep you posted on any ideas that will make a difference to your business.


May 2014

System Sales For Concept2o Reach A New High!!

Its been a fabulous year, in fact our best to date on system sales, it seems that word has got around that Concept2O Systems are truly in a class of their own!


April 2014

Concept2o Prepares For A Fabulous Summer Ahead And Continues Work On Project X!!

Having found most of the parts to bring Project X to our Concept2O Business Owners, we are proud to say that everything is coming together nicely. We are hoping to unveil the new idea to Concept2O Owners by next year. All being well.


March 2014

We Hope You Are Dusting Off Your Easter Bunny Ears For Next Month!

Maybe you could wear them while you window clean!


February 2014

New Stainless Steel Housings For Our R/o Systems Are Added To Concept2o!!


January 2014

Project X Starts The Year Off With A Bang!

We have begun to do more research into how our new product will work for operators over the UK and its only Month One of 2014!


December 2013

What A Fantastic Year, Concept2o Are Ready To Celebrate Christmas In Style With Party Hats!!!


November 2013

Heated Pure Water Systems Are A Real Improvement For The Lives Of Window Cleaners And Operator Owners Alike!!

A touch of heat makes a real difference to winter when you are window cleaning. Not only does it make the job easier, it also improves morale while you are out in the cold weather and you are less likely to have issues with system freeze.


October 2013

New Style Variable Controllers Are Now Ready For Our Concept2o Systems!!


August 2013

Make Sure You Look After Your Systems This Winter!!

Heated blankets, small heaters and de-icers are important for winter preparation! Stock up on yours today!


July 2013

Concept2o Have A Complete Revamp!

We have decided to paint the walls of our offices here at Concept2O and it really has made the place look brand new! Come and see our new offices at UNIT 16, OAKDALE BUSINESS PARK, BLACKWOOD, NP12 4AD. Pop in for a cuppa and you can tell us what you think of our new colour scheme!


June 2013

Project X Is Well Underway

As we told you at the beginning of the year, the Concept2O team are working on a brand new project which is set to give you a fabulous new way to look after your business on every level. Work is still underway and we are excited to be working on such a great project and we look forward to finding out what you think of our idea when we unveil it to our Concept2O Owners!!


May 2013

We Hope You All Had A Fabulous Easter!!


April 2013

Canvassing Staff Hit New High!

The canvassing staff members have had a great month this month, bringing in a record new number of customers!


March 2013

Great Summer Weather Is Set To Bring In Far More Work For Operators!!

We have been told that the coming Summer is set to be a hot one! So, not only will you need more suncream, youre also bound to bring in more customers! Summer is the best time of year for new customers to call!! So get ready for a fab new increase in work!


February 2013

New Uniform Designs Bring A New Sense Of Pride For Our Staff Members!!

The new uniform designs for our staff members at concept2O have brought a fresh new look to our business. Having decided what we want to say to customers when we visit their homes, we have improved the look of the uniform and updated our ID Tags to create a more professional and bring an increased level of pride to our staff members.


January 2013

New Project For A New Year

Project X is what weve decided to call it, a new project for a new year. The idea came to the team over Christmas and we are working on it this year. Its very exciting and we had our first meeting on it for 2013! Well keep you posted!


December 2012

Wishing You All A Happy Christmas And A Successful New Year With Concept2o Enjoy Your Holiday Time! You Deserve It!


November 2012

Concept2o Are Preparing For Their Christmas Do!! Who Wants To Come???


October 2012

Hope You Have A Happy Halloween! Dont Eat Too Many Sweets!! :)


September 2012

A Big Congrats To Carl And Cheryl Villis On Their Third Van!!

The team had a celebratory meal out with our longest running franchisees Carl and Cheryl. The future is looking great for the pair, who stumbled across the Concept2O Franchise whilst Carl was trying to sell radio advertising space to our directors! Now they have 3 vans and are still going strong after making the big decision to move forward with Concept2O. Congrats guys! Much Love... The Team!


August 2012

New Inverter Added To Concept2o System!!!

Improving the power to the heated pure water system. Our new inverters will make your life and workdays so much easier and simpler.


July 2012

Improvements Have Been Made Since Our Focus Groups Were Completed!

New customer care sheets and a brand new paragraph has been added to the customer care section in our training manuals so that we can help you give a better and more improved service to your customers!


June 2012

A Big Thank You To Everyone Who Joined In Our Marketing Focus Groups!

Concept2O have learned much more about what we can offer customers and teach to our Newstart Business Owners to help them improve and move forward in their business ventures.


May 2012

Business Development And Awareness Program Is Successful With New Franchisee And Owner Operators Of The Concept2o Systems

We are having fabulous reviews for our new Business Development and Awareness program. The Newstart Business Manual is proving to be very successful for our Business Owners and is helping them out greatly!


April 2012

Happy Easter From The Team At Concept2o !!!


March 2012

New Ideas For A Twin Operator Hotwash Pure Water System!!

Concept2O are looking into devising a new twin operator system so that two operators can work at the same time. Designing of the system is now underway!


February 2012

New Canvassing Worksheets Are Available For Franchisees!!

A great new system which now includes standing order details and email addresses on the new canvassing worksheets is now available for all franchisees


January 2012

Happy New Year To All Our Concept2o Owners!!

We look forward to a great 2013 and wish you all the best in your business developments!



Discover how our Brand new product will...

  • Cut your cleaning times by up to 53%
  • Help you save on expensive filtration costs
  • Allow you to work comfortably in all weathers

How would you like to make your work life easier and more comfortable? Well using hot water to clean your customers homes not only benefits them (hot water dries 400% faster than cold, getting more consistent results) but is also great for you, let me explain;

- It takes you less effort to cut through dirt and grease because hot water dissolves dirt faster. No more scrubbing snail trails or spider webs!

- You save money on water purification because the water you use is more effective at cleaning

- Never again lose a days work because of the snow and ice because using heated water means that your water will never freeze in your hose!

But its so expensive!...

That's true - purchasing a full heated infinity Concept 2O is a substantial outlay especially if you have already purchased a water purification system already and so we are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new product

New Product!        

So that you can enjoy the benefits of heated water but without the massive reinvestment I am pleased to announce the imminent arrival of the new infinity lite stand alone heating kit.

Infinity lite will attach easily to your current system in your current vehicle and will provide thousands of litres of hot water on demand, take a look at these benefits;

  • It's 3 and a half times cheaper to run than its nearest rival (diesel heaters cost up to 30 per week to run)
  • Choose your heat setting 1 degree at a time with the digital temperature controller
  • No waiting, infinity lite heats your water instantly to 60 degrees
  • Near silent operation with no diesel exhaust
  • Very easy and intuitive to use

Imagine your system as it is now only with hot pure water at the touch of a button!

The best bit

The best news is that when the infinity lite hits the market, it will cost less than almost anything else like it and yet it is superior in every way! The price of such ease and comfort is only 2800!

Your special offer!

As a special launch offer, we are will fit your infinity lite system for free saving you 200 and we will add a guarantee upgrade. You will get a 1 year fully comprehensive guarantee which includes parts and labour.

The first run of infinity lite systems is due toward the end of the month and will consist of 10 systems on the special offer price. If you are interested in the innovative new infinity lite system, please contact me immediately and register your interest. I will then keep you informed (via e-mail) of the launch date and any further discounts closer to the launch.

Here's a reminder of my number;

01495 240 640

Look forward to chatting with you soon







Pay monthly for your concept2o system

If you've been turned down by an unsympathetic bank or finance company, then we have the perfect solution for you! From November we are offering brand new payment plans which will help you to obtain the finance you need for your brand new concept2o series II in hot or cold versions.

Full maintenance packages are also available to make owning your concept2o system truly stress free. Ring for further details!



If your not yet sure how we can help you with your change over to pure water window cleaning or are unsure how an equipment upgrade would help your business, please don't hesitate to contact us. There is no hard sell and we always endeavor to assist in any way we can!

Infinity series upgrade

If you are a current Concept2O owner why not consider a infinity series upgrade. All series of the Concept2O machine can be upgraded and there is a 400 saving if you order during the months of August, September and October.

As if you needed reminding?

Enjoy the benefits of using a digitally controlled Concept2O heated pure water system -
  • Increased efficiency on initial cleans
  • Save on your water usage
  • Faster drying times
  • Improvements with finish consistency
  • Efficient heavy soil removal
  • Increased operator comfort
  • Provides significant advantages over competition
Arriving in 2008
We at Clear View Plus Ltd are often asked, What makes you different from the other manufacturers? Below is a list of some of the benefits that are available from us, when you purchase any size full package. (Vehicle, Concept2O™ system and Plus Pack).

Business Development and Awareness Programme
The BDAP is a specialist advisory committee comprising of window cleaning professionals and health and safety executive officers, its aim is to equip window cleaners with business development skills and provide access to all the latest health and safety information.  Annual meetings, which will be attended by Concept2O™ owners. On offer will be a variety of presentations, which cover subjects such as:

  • Business skills
  • Accounting
  • Small business planning
  • New equipment demonstrations from leading suppliers and distributors
  • Insurance advice
  • Hints and tips for both commercial and residential work.
Corporate branding initiative
This is designed to raise the profile of the window cleaning industry and the Concept2O™ corporate brand.  The initiative includes

  • Vehicle livery (use of Concept2O™ brand ID)
  • Nationwide brand advertising
  • Branded uniforms
  • Personnel ID cards
  • Creative and progressive marketing strategies
  • Corporate Logo design
  • Corporate Stationary
New Business Support
Clear View Plus Ltd have access to professionals who provide advice and guidance on grant support, business plans government funding incentives canvassing pricing and health and safety issues. An invaluable service for new and expanding businesses.
Dedicated Business Support
The change over to pure water window cleaning is a concern for many window cleaners we offer

  • The introduction to pure water window cleaning Seminar.
  • Advice and guidance from window cleaners on equipment choice and funding options.
  • Practical demonstrations on live commercial and residential contracts.
  • Full product training and owners manual.
  • Training Course to make sure you get the best from your investment.
Ongoing Submission of the Concept2O™ brand to registered directories
One of our target areas for the new year, will be the submission of the Concept2O™ brand identity to the various quality assured directories with nationwide coverage. These directories provide home owners and business the ability to choose from a data base of quality assured tradesmen and soon, Concept2O™ window cleaners.
Access to reduced insurance premiums for employers and public liability
Clear View Plus Ltd have been able to provide access to reduced employers liability insurance for all our customers who attend our training course, (free with any Concept2O™ system purchase), supporting your business growth.
A Full Listing of All Concept2O™ Owners
As the Concept2O™ brand grows this listing will allow both residential and commercial customers easy access to Concept2O™ operators in their area.
I.T. Equipment
Provision of a palmtop mobile PC and software enabling you to keep track of your work and cash flow Ect.

Website Launch
Clear View Plus Ltd are proud to announce the launch our company website. If you have any feedback on the site please contact us via our contact page.
Express Distribution!

We are very pleased to welcome Express Cleaning Supplies as an exclusive distributor for the Midlands. Express cleaning supplies, based in Malvern, Worcestershire, are official distributors for leading worldwide manufacturers such as Numatic International, Alto, Cleanfix, Truvox, Karcher, Nilco, Prochem, Mastervac, Hoover Professional, Contico, Unger, Ettore and now the Concept2O™ pure water window cleaning system. The many prestigious awards the company have received recognize the emphasis on quality, reliability and after sales service that Express Cleaning Supplies provide to all its customers.

Director of Express Cleaning Supplies, Mr Mike Boxhall states - The Concept2O™ range the company has developed is not only extremely well designed and engineered but the level of backup service they offer is second to none.
So convinced are we that Concept2O™ will become the leading brand within the industry that we have now become an official distributor for their van and trailer mounted systems.. 

Julie Phillips Director of Clear View Plus Ltd the developers of the Concept2O™ product explains - We are very pleased to work with distributors as distinguished as Express Cleaning Supplies. Our companies share the same devotion to after sales service, which means our clients can expect excellent levels of support. Express Cleaning Supplies understand the issues and problems experienced within the cleaning industry and are very well placed to present the Concept2O™ system to potential customers.
Express Cleaning Supplies are now offering demonstrations in thier new Concept2O™ Infinity vehicle and can be contacted via the company website -
Concept2O™ Infinity Hot Water System
Clear View Plus Ltd have now released the new re-developed Infinity range of heated pure water systems. The new systems feature digital temperature control up to 55ºC and is accurate to 1 degree changes.
Some of the improvements are-
  • Lower running costs
  • Electronic ignition
  • Infinity Easy refuel system
  • Flexible temperature control
  • Greater reliability
  • Enhanced safety features
The benefits of using heated pure water are-
  • Increased efficiency on first clean work
  • Faster drying times
  • Improvements with finish consistency
  • Efficient heavy soil removal
  • Increased operator comfort
  • Provides advantage over competitors
The new Infinity heated pure water systems now are available for demonstration. Contact our sales department on - 02920 869 806. 
Window cleaning the most dangerous job in the UK
During the month of October in 2004, Churchill insurance conducted its league of professions ranking system, which it uses to set its life insurance policy rates. Window cleaners ranked number one most dangerous profession beating soldiers, police officers and fire fighters.
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