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Are your systems safely installed?

Safety needs to be a prime concern for all modern business, especially those that carry liquid loads in moving vehicles. The Concept 2O™ water fed pole system both in its design and installation excel in this important area.

The Concept 2O™  pure water window cleaning system design features 4mm thick, 316 tubular stainless steel structure with additional bracing to ensure that the system aides the safety and stability in transit.

Every system is installed using 12mm, 8.8 high tensile stainless steel bolts and 5mm thick stainless steel load-spreading plates providing up to 30 tons of force at the bolts. This is 6 times the department of transport recommendations for loading points.

You don’t use softening resin on your systems, why?

Softening resin is designed to remove the calcium and magnesium minerals from your water supply. These minerals, when they bind together cause lime scale and calcium build up on the surface of the Reverse Osmosis membrane.

Unlike other water purification systems, the Concept 2O™ pure water window cleaning system range utilise polyphosphate to effectively ‘coat’ these hardness minerals and stop them binding this allows them to wash harmlessly through the system.

The benefit to operators is that polyphosphate filters require absolutely no maintenance, which means that you will not need to use a brine (salt) solution to regenerate softening resin.

Less maintenance means that you have the time to complete more work or relax earlier in the day.

Can I work in the rain with a pure water system?

If we examine the water cycle, we learn that the water evaporates from the surface of lakes, rivers and the sea. Their mineral content is left behind when the water vaporises, which means that when the water condenses and forms clouds, the water is pure.

It is this pure water that falls as rain. The rain does not stay pure for long however, because as it falls through the atmosphere, the water molecules bind to and dissolve all the minerals it comes into contact with on its way to the ground.

While this water is no longer pure, it does have a relatively low mineral content. In the UK with our usual south westerly winds, the total dissolved solids reading of this water is around 14 TDS, with the limit for spot free drying being 9 TDS or lower. (Some tap supplies will reach 500+ TDS)

When cleaning windows with pure water, pure water is left to dry naturally on the glazing, when the rain comes into contact with this water, it serves to dilute the rain water. If an equal amount of rain water falls on the freshly washed glazing, the TDS reading of that water will then read 7 TDS within the range of spot free cleaning.

In short then, you can clean windows with pure water in all but the most torrential rain with most satisfactory results.

Many clients may well be sceptical at first, as using chemical cleaners leave a residue that becomes sticky and actually attracts dirt and that is what they will be used to. However once they have seen the results for themselves, most clients will have no problem with you calling when the weather is far from ideal.   

Can pure water systems clean heavy soiled glazing?

Pure water is known in the scientific world as the universal solvent, virtually all substances known to man will dissolve in pure water given enough time.

Pure water cleans using a process called; hydrogen bonding, in which the hydrogen atoms bond to contaminants and dissect the contaminant molecule at the atomic level.

The grater the amount of contaminants, the more pure water will be required to remove it, but even the heaviest deposits can be removed effectively with a little more time invested during the clean.

Heavily soiled gazing covered with such deposits as moss, thick dirt and birds mess is very effectively removed when using pure water. If the system you use is heated, this cleaning process is accelerated.

As a general rule, anything that can be removed with traditional window cleaning methods can also be removed using pure water.

How much does it cost to run your heated pure water system?

As Clear View Plus Ltd also operates a window cleaning company, running costs are of great concern to us. When developing the entire Concept 2O™ range and particularly the heated infinity series of Concept 2O™ water fed pole systems, running cost factored as a key concern.

The infinity system is powered by Liquid Petroleum Gas vapour with a self igniting pilot light, which means vapour is only ever burned when you are using your system. There is no need to pre-heat the burner and hot water is provided instantaneously.

The units are digitally controlled meaning that you have ultimate control over the temperature of the water you wish to use, using very hot water only when the job demands it and hot water in normal usage, further saving energy.  

The burner is a very high quality commercial, highly efficient unit using only 5 Kw of power at maximum draw. This means that 600ltrs of pure water can be heated (at current LPG prices) for £1.50 per day, meaning that the Concept 2O™ infinity series window cleaning systems are the most efficient and most cost effective heated systems in the industry.

The only additional cost of a heated pure water system is its annual service.

Can I operate the system on my own?

The Concept 2O™ water fed pole system has been designed for its ease of use and can easily be used by a single operator. All the flow controls are within reach by a single operator without the need of any assistance.

When consulting with window cleaning business owners on their system purchase however, we recommend a team of two operators. This is because, besides the economic benefits, health and safety concerns are addressed and efficiency increases considerably with an additional operator.

Is it quicker than traditional methods?

The short answer to this question is most definitely yes. On the vast majority of work, on both domestic and commercial contracts, a Concept 2O™ water fed pole system is far more efficient than ladder work.

The set up time of a water fed pole system is equal to that of removing traditional equipment from a vehicle, while the window cleaning time is significantly improved. So it stands to reason; the less time you have to pack your equipment away, the faster your water fed pole window cleaning can be.

On average, expect to be approximately 30% faster on domestic work while up to 50% faster on a commercial contract.

What will my customers think?

Using a Concept 2O™ water fed pole systems to clean glazing is as big a change to your clients as it is to you and many window cleaners are justifiably cautious about jeopardizing their hard earned relationships with their clients.

When you first turn up to a clients property with your Concept 2O™ water fed pole system, many of your clients will be sceptical. In surveys we have carried out on our own rounds during our change over period, almost 70% of clients said they were not sure about how effective pure water was going to be.

Many Concept 2O™ Wfp operators encourage their window cleaning clients to observe the difference while they clean frames and seals for the first time and see the amount of dirt that it removes, even from relatively new glazing.

Others show their clients the equipment and explain briefly how the pure water system works. When clients see you have made an investment in your window cleaning business, most will be very supportive.

Others still will not be satisfied until they see the results. Every Concept 2O™ water fed pole system includes training, both in theory and practical areas ensuring your window cleaning results are the best they can be.

However, the time that your Concept 2O™ pure water system will save on your window cleaning will be significant and there are those clients who for this reason will not enjoy paying for a service that they feel is too quick. These window cleaning clients are inevitably older persons that feel that you cannot do a good enough job in such a short time, even if they can find no problem with the glazing.

We inform our customers to expect a drop-off of around 7-10% on residential window cleaning work in a period of 4 months. The good news is you can also expect to pick up new work from your existing rounds of about 12-15% in about the same time.

Which vehicle do I need?

This depends on what type of window cleaning work you do or plan to do.

For most residential based window cleaners, a 600ltr Concept 2O™ water fed pole system is the most popular choice and can supply enough pure water for a full days work. For this window cleaning system, a low roof short-wheelbase panel van such as a Ford transit, Vauxhall vivaro or a Renault traffic or similar will be perfect.

For those who window clean on large commercial properties on a regular basis, a Concept 2O™ 900ltr water fed pole system will suit your needs.

For this system, you will require a slightly larger vehicle such as a; Renault master van, Vauxhall movano a Mercedes sprinter or similar.
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