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Choosing your water fed pole system »

Choosing your water fed pole system

By Carl Phillips

How on earth do we choose?

Don't tell my wife... but I have a secret crush on Cheryl Cole. Her legs go on for miles, she has cheeky little elflike features and a smile that lights up very dark places but I wouldn't marry her. Oh no! Way too high maintenance if you know what I mean... Imagine the cost of keeping her in makeup and hairspray. But It's not just that. What if I want a day in the baggies watching TV and eating pizza? My food would get cold while she searched the interweb for the calorie content of my dominos... and would she come climbing in the Alps with me or ride around Europe on the back of my motorcycle? Ummm, no is the short answer. So no thanks... but my wife does all the above and looks like Cheryl Coles older sister. Cool!

Point is, window cleaning systems are much the same, we have to choose them based on the suitability of our business never mind how tempting the fruit maybe.

Show me the money!

So it always amazes me when the first question people ask me is how much? Strange huh? The cheapest I have found an under the sink style reverse osmosis unit for the purpose of water purification is £150, and the most expensive (off the shelf) water purifier? around £400,000. That's a massive difference don't you think? And yet the two can't be compared. One is meant for purifying 20 litres of tap water per day and one is intended to purify sea water at 50,000 gallons per day, so price isn't really the issue here is it? but rather, what you want it to do for you.

If you would like to keep half of Kenya drinking water then spending £150 on the little R/O is a waste of money, you'll get frustrated and many people would go very, very thirsty. Spending £400,000 would be a bargain, it will do the job and it will save you having to drink your own urine...

Mrs Maud Flanders from belle view terrace however, would die of thirst before she has even finished reading the manual of our sea water purifier and her children's inheritance would have been well and truly squandered.

The lesson is simple then, buy a window cleaning system based on your needs not the ticket value, never mind how cheap or indeed expensive it is.

Which leads us nicely onto the next question, what do you want from your business?

What exactly do you want?

I have been a window cleaner a long, long time. Some 20 years now and I love it. No, if I'm honest, I'm not fussed on cleaning the dried up egg after Halloween or standing in cat mess in Mrs Jones back garden and secretly, I wish all seagulls could be killed in the most painful ways, but other than the obvious, I think it is probably the most versatile job in existence. If you want to become reasonably wealthy from it, or even unreasonably wealthy, it has got your back and if you just want to earn some beer money, it will also sort you out nicely (unfortunately) and every conceivable variation in between.

Where you want to end up will tell you exactly what equipment you need to buy. Just want some sweetie money? A cheepo £150 R/O will do just fine, spending anymore than that is unnecessary. But as your reading this on my concept2o site, I take it that you're probably looking for a little more than that from your business and well done to you too! Window cleaning can provide a very decent living with just a little thought and some good old fashioned elbow grease.

A word from the wise...

In fact, a number of window cleaners have found that the concept2o system suits them very well. Let me provide some case studies of some concept2o owners and see if you can identify with them.

Lynda and Jay

Lynda was a fitness instructor and wanted something she could do that would be profitable and yet allow time for her and her husband to have one week off per month to visit Jays family in Europe. Obviously, build quality was import to her. She didn't want to be fiddling with her equipment all the time. Her window cleaning business only existed to provide a lifestyle for her, not to be her life. She told me that the reason she purchased her concept2o system was the fact that we offered a 20 year lifetime guarantee which meant we must be confident in the quality we offered. She is right of course.

Carl and Cheryl Villis

Carl worked for a radio station for many years before deciding he wanted to try his hand in the business world. He loved the idea of window cleaning because he could see the benefit of gaining repeat business, Mrs Jones actually expected him to call month after month and if he did a good job, Mrs Jones would recommend her family and friends, to someone with sales experience, the temptation was too hard to resist. Carl didn't just want to become a window cleaner, he wanted to build a business. He wanted to sit on a nice comfortable sofa working on his next business while others earned his cash for him. Carl opted for a concept2o system because of the ground level support, yes, we still earn our money from window cleaning too and so with our helpful free advice, we were an obvious choice. Carl now has three concept2o systems and is now working on his adventure nutrition business while his cleaning company pays for his bills, mortgage and holidays.

David Halford

David has been a window cleaner for over 10 years and just wanted to keep his business running the size it was. He had originally purchased another system but was upset by the high running costs and the maintenance he had to do. David was recommended to us by a local window cleaner that also had a concept2o system. He opted for a concept2o infinity series heated system which immediately halved his filtration costs, saved him hours at the end of the week where as he would have been fiddling around with hoses in the back of his van. What David told me was the nicest surprise for him though, was the fact he could now use his hot water all the time because his costs were one fifth of his previous diesel powered system. He says he gets his work finished earlier using heated water and with the extra time this saves him he has added a couple of customers per week, which more than covers the cost of the system in the first place. Glad to help Dave!

Ok, I'll give it to you straight...

Now I would love to tell you a concept2o system would definitely suit you and your business too! But alas, I can't, because it would be a fib. The truth is that for some of you a concept2o system will not suit your needs. The concept2o system is designed to be a solid foundation to your business true, it has 5 years of design and development and a 20 year guarantee behind it as proof, but It's most important function is to make you proud of your business and some people just don't understand this concept. If that's the case, there are other options for them...

Why is pride important? Well aren't we in the pride business? Mrs Jones doesn't really want her windows cleaned, oh no, what she really wants is to feel proud of her home. Us cleaning her windows is just the way she gets that pride. Think about it. I purchased a new drill the other day. But I didn't really want a drill, I wanted holes! Same thing with Mrs Jones. Having her windows cleaned is a way she can finish off the cleaning of her home so that when her friends and neighbours call and her family come home, they will know that she cares about providing for her family and that she keeps a well ordered, tidy and clean home. She can be proud of her home and more importantly, proud of herself. So a window cleaners real job is simply to make Mrs Jones and her Neighbours proud, not just to clean windows.

What about your business then?

So tell me, how can we make people proud if we are not proud of our own business? Quite simply, we can't, which is why there are so many bad window cleaners out there. You know the type, they turn up in ripped jeans and dirty t-shirt in an old rusty car or van and then have the cheek to expect Mrs Jones to think that they are going to have pride in the job they do. Hello? Doesn't anyone else think this is strange?... You're in the cleaning business and you can't even clean your own van or your own clothes! Ple-ease...! If they won't invest the time effort and money in their own business, how on earth do they expect others to? Silly right?

So will having a shiny new concept2o system help? Well, if you're the kind of guy to invest in one, then you're probably the kind of guy that will also match it to a nicely presented vehicle and if you have a nicely presented system and van, then you're probably going to have a nicely presented uniform. This clearly shows Mrs Jones that you are proud of your business and remembering what Mrs Jones really wants is pride, It's not rocket science to imagine what effect this will have on your business is it?

The more pride you have in your business, the better for you too. Being a self employed business owner is hard sometimes, there are days when It's raining, cold, or you don't feel that well, and being proud of your business, and your reputation will help immeasurably when this happens. Buts there's more too! The best bit.

The bestest bit...

Now I don't want to freak you out here, but we are all being watched. Well that's not strictly true, judged would be a better word. We do it every day to everyone we know and they do the same to us. We have our own opinions on the jobs our friends and family have. We judge the homes they live in, the cars they drive and the clothes they wear. We even judge the holiday destinations they choose! Now what does or will your business say about you? Umm... am I being a little too direct here? probably, but this is also reality. Your friends and family will know how proud you are about your home, they know how proud you are of your car and they will judge you on the pride you have in your business. It's a fact, please don't shoot the messenger...

The good news is, the concept2o system provides the foundation for this pride. How much will one help your business? It's not hard to see how being proud of your business will not only help your own view of your business, but also your customers and potential customers view of your business and as a rather nice side effect, the pride you now have in yourself will be clearly seen by your family and friends also, everyone wins! It's no wonder that second hand concept2o systems are rarer than unicorns testicles. Take a look see at fleebay and check.

The end...

So there you have it in a nutshell, choosing your window cleaning system all depends on what you want from your business. Some reading this will get angry with me and will try to pick holes in the logic, then they will jump back into their cars with the buckets in the back. Some will try to justify that they are proud of their home-made systems and that they do the same job... Some people simply won't understand what on earth I'm talking about and will mosey on over to the £150 R/O website... but then, some of you... some of you will get it. Some of you will read this and feel something, a glimmer of inspiration of what your business could be. Some of you will look at the gallery page and understand that owning a concept2o system isn't about the cheapest (or indeed most expensive) way to purify water but that owning a concept2o system represents a new beginning for you and your business, a way to prove to yourself and to everyone that sees you, that you are serious about your business and take pride in what you do. And It's to you dear friend that I wrote this because not so very long ago- I was you! I left a good job as a fire fighter to become a window cleaner and set out to prove to myself and to those people that love me that I hadn't made a mistake and that I could make my business work and become successful on my own merit. I am honoured to invite you on that journey also... feel free to browse the site but please phone us soon to see how a concept2o system could save your life!

Carl Phillips

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